Cold Games Organizer V4

Welcome to the “reboot” of the Cold Games Organizer, build on more recent tech, with a new interface. Less features to start with, but I’ll be working on that as time goes on, the basics are there to make a list of your games collection.

Should you encounter a bug, you can open an issue for it over on Github (created for V3, but I accept reports for all versions there) or write me an e-mail to

I have also created a Discord server that you can reach through this link

Features (1.3.0)

  • Adding games to the collection
  • Removing games
  • Edit Game Details
    • Genres
    • Platforms
    • Progress
    • (Release) Year
    • Developers
    • Publishers
    • Trivia
    • Game Releases (different territories)
    • Series/Franchises
    • Keywords
    • Game Modes
    • Perspective(s)
  • Summary Tab
  • Track Game Playthroughs
  • Add Content Items to games
  • Add Credits to games
  • Add references to Magazine Coverage (reviews/news articles/etc)

Planned Features

  • Still quite a few things (stats, tracking changes over time and more… gonna make a list at some point, maybe on Trello or something like that), but if you have your own ideas, feel free to contact me through Email / Twitter / Discord 🙂

System Requirements

  • .NET 5.0 Runtime (when starting the Organizer for the first time, if you don’t have this installed, you should get a prompt to download and install it)




1.3.0 Release (November 20th, 2021)

  • Credits information can be added to games
    • filters are dynamically created for credits
  • Magazine Coverage information can be added to games
  • New properties for games:
    • Series/Franchise
    • Keywords
    • Game Modes
    • Perspectives
    • Releases (e.g. for different territories)
    • Trivia
  • Changed the color picker for progress colors

1.2.0 Release (November 7th 2021)

  • Added color highlighting to game list depending on Progress
  • Content Items can be added to games
  • Added Platform List
  • View in Collection list can be switched between compact / default / expanded
  • Playthroughs are shown in entries of Collection

1.1.4 Update

  • Added a chart ordered by year to Summary tab

1.1.3 Update

  • Some finetuning of font sizes

1.1.2 Update

  • Fixed bug that didn’t update Progress Items list correctly when switching game
  • Added game name to property edit window title

1.1 Release (November 1st 2021)

  • Reworked a lot of the main window / the interface in general
  • Replaced the main game list grid with a custom list
  • Replaced the previous filter tree with a more flexible filter above the list
  • Added a Summary tab to the main window with some stats
  • The game information is now shown inside a separate tab of the main window, instead of a separate window
  • Playthroughs of games can be tracked through the “Progress” tab of a game

1.0 Release

  • Released after some testing and fixing (some bugs are probably still hiding, they tend to be cheeky like that)

1.0 Beta 1

  • Implemented all basic features planned for the first release

Alpha 0.0.3

  • Updated Add/Edit Genre/Platform options
  • Temporarily disabled “Show Game Info” button

Alpha 0.0.2

  • Basic “Add Games” window to add multiple games to the list
  • Main game list can now select multiple rows
  • Select random game button in main window
  • “Set Year” button in main window menu for all selected games
  • Last file is opened again on next app start (if a file was open on close)
  • Basic “Edit Game” window to change a few parts of a game entry
  • “Add Genre” button in main window menu for all selected games

Alpha 0.0.1

  • Initial Public Release