Cold Games Organizer V4 Beta

After developing V4 for some time, I decided to define a basic feature set as “1.0”.

This page will contain the most recent version as a standalone Zip-File that you can extract anywhere on your computer to try it out, if you so choose.

Should you encounter a bug, you can open an issue for it over on Github, or write me an e-mail to

Features (1.0 Beta 1)

  • Adding games to the collection
  • Removing games
  • Edit Game Details
    • Genres
    • Platforms
    • Progress
    • (Release) Year
    • Developers
    • Publishers

Planned Features

  • A lot…. ;). Just look at the previous Cold Games Organizer version (V3) to get a rough estimate of where this will be heading in future updates

Download: here


1.0 Beta 1

  • Implemented all basic features planned for the first release

Alpha 0.0.3

  • Updated Add/Edit Genre/Platform options
  • Temporarily disabled “Show Game Info” button

Alpha 0.0.2

  • Basic “Add Games” window to add multiple games to the list
  • Main game list can now select multiple rows
  • Select random game button in main window
  • “Set Year” button in main window menu for all selected games
  • Last file is opened again on next app start (if a file was open on close)
  • Basic “Edit Game” window to change a few parts of a game entry
  • “Add Genre” button in main window menu for all selected games

Alpha 0.0.1

  • Initial Public Release