Cold Games Organizer V3 Beta

In the past months I have been working on a new version of my games organizer, pretty much re-doing most of it from scratch. A lot of similarities in design and use remain of course, but a lot has changed internally and features have been added as well.

If you are interested, you can take a look at this new version here: Download standalone zip.

Current version: (Updated on: February 212st, 2020). Changelog: here

IMPORTANT: As this is just the first public beta version, make sure you back up the files you are working on with this app regularly, just in case. In recent days / weeks I have not had any file corruption issues or the like, but since I am just one guy developing/testing/using the app, things can go unnoticed easily.

IF YOU HAVE BUGS / SUGGESTIONS / ETC. : or contact me directly on Twitter @ColdDeath or @ColdGamesOrg

Software Requirements:
Windows 7 or newer
.Net Core 3.1 Runtime (available here: )

Some screenshots:

The Main App Window
The Main Window
Editing a Game
Game Edit Window