Cold Games Organizer V3 Beta Changelog

Version (February 21st, 2020)
– “Property3” was mistakenly visible in an edit window
– renaming a developer in the “Game Edit” window has been fixed
– Magazine Articles now have an additional “Revelant System(s)” property

Version (February 17th, 2020)
– Trying to open older files now prompts an update question (you can say no and abort updating the file, this also cancels opening it)
– “Game Content” now has an additional “Group” property
– Developers can be added and renamed in the “Edit Developers” window

Version (February 15th, 2020)
– Games can have multiple Developers and Publishers now
– Editing Developers and Publishers in game edit window now possible
– “MaxPlayers” now gets saved correctly
– Platform settings (Main Platform / Digital / Physical) gets saved correctly
– Added “Current Progress” and “Max. Progress” values to Progress Items
– Current and Max. progress values are shown as a progress bar additionally
– “Description” column in main window now has a maximum width
– “Description” column in main window shows the full text in a tooltip

Version (February 2nd, 2020)
– Fixed potential crashbug
– Fixed bugged loading of content filters in main window “Game Collection” tab

Version (February 1st, 2020)
– New information categories: “Trivia” and “Events”
– Improved “Edit Content” window layout
– New “Add Event” option in games list context menu
– New “Edit Genres” window
– Basic “Export to PDF” feature added

Version (January 27th, 2020)
– Added “Remove Platform” in “Edit Platforms” window
– Fixed bug when adding a platform in Game Edit window

Version (January 23rd, 2020)
– Save behavior corrected (“Save” only enables after game list file exists)
– Keywords could not be removed in Game Edit window
– Added context menu entry “Add Keyword” for games list in main window

Version 0.1.0 (January 22nd, 2020)
Initial Beta Release