Cold Games Organizer V3 2.0.0

After some time in development, the first release of version 2.0 of the Cold Games Organizer is done. This version introduces multiple new features and smaller improvements to existing stuff.

New Features

  • Game Credits
    • Add people to game entries that were involved with it
    • The main window has a filter category for Credits now
    • A list of all individuals and which games they are associated with can be viewed through “View” -> “Individuals List” in the main window
  • Trade/Loot Calculations
    • Add items you can trade and opportunities where/when you can trade them
    • Add loot you can get and loot opportunities
  • Recipes/Crafting
    • Add recipes of all kinds (food, crafting etc.) with their components
    • Add items you have in your inventory to quickly see what you can craft/cook/etc.
  • Multiple Game Releases
    • Every game now has an additional list of releases to account for different release years per region/system

General Improvements/Changes

  • The Content Info filter in the main window now has multiple levels to account for groupings
  • The formatting buttons for the progress items description text now show if they are active or not
  • screenshots and attachments in game edit are now marked as experimental (option in main window has to be enabled before they are visible)
  • assorted bugs fixed

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