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After quite some time, we have our first (relatively small) update. Due to me collecting data on games for my blog, I thought the ability to add review scores to game entries would be useful. Additionally I have created an options dialog, though only with one option for now: to select the default tab that is selected when opening the Game Edit window. Starting with this version, the in-app updater checks at the new server location. In theory you shouldn’t notice a problem, but if there is an error, download the ClickOnce .application file from the new location and open it to install the new version manually.

With this version, you might also notice a slight change in the application name. I decided that “Cold Games Organizer” instead of “Cold Games DB” would be a more easily recognizable name in terms of what the app is supposed to do (organize a set collection of games, instead of being a database for all existing games)

ClickOnce Installer download


  • Reviews can be added to Game Entries (one score per publication)
  • Options dialog added
    • First setting: select the default tab that is highlighted in the Game Edit window

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